Worse Than Nothing

It now looks as though the Republican party and a few right-wing Democrats are the only things that stand between us and a truly terrible health care “reform” bill that will actually be a huge hand-out to the insurance industry. How did we get into this situation? People had the naive belief that the Democrats would “do something” about the health care crisis, unlike the Republicans, who prefer to do nothing. Many figured that even if the Democrats came up with something lame, it would better than nothing Yet now the Democrats are threatening to pass a bill that is worse than nothing.

At times like this, one really must question the assumption that the Democrats are a “lesser evil”. Not only are we getting screwed over on health care, but Obama is escalating the war in Afghanistan – something that Bush refused to do. Because we’re locked into a two-party system, people assume that one party can’t be as bad as the other. However, it’s not a matter of one party being better or worse than the other. This is the wrong way of looking at the matter. The two parties are bad in different ways. This is because they simply represent different tendencies in the corporate elite.

The essential problem with our health care system is that it is if for profit. However, the Democrats can only come up with “reforms” that are meant to protect profits. This means that the Democrats will come up with “reforms” that will make things worse, not better.

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