Liberal Fear-mongering

I was reading the Register-Guard – Eugene’s laughable excuse for a hometown newspaper – and I saw this cartoon. It shows a fat, bald man, labeled “The Left”, watching Sarah Palin being sworn in as president. A though balloon over the man’s head reads: “Guess we showed Obama!”

Never mind that polls show that most Americans don’t think that Palin is qualified to be president. This is a typical example of liberal fear-mongering. The message is that we had better keep our mouths shut and let the Democrats screw us over, lest one of those awful Republicans gets into the White House. Of course, this merely guarantees that the Democrats will continue screwing us over.

Obama’s so-called “tax cut compromise” is actually an attack on Social Security. As Michael Hudson has pointed out in CounterPunch:

    …the tax giveaway includes a $120 billion reduction in Social Security contributions by labor – reducing the FICA wage withholding from 6.2 per cent to 4.2 per cent. Obama has ingeniously designed the plan to dovetail neatly into his Bowles-Simpson commission pressing to reduce Social Security as a step toward its ultimate privatization and subsequent wipeout grab by Wall Street….

    “The bottom line is that after the prolonged tax giveaway exacerbates the federal budget deficit – along with the balance-of-payments deficit – we can expect the next Republican or Democratic administration to step in and ‘save’ the country from economic emergency by scaling back Social Security while turning its funding over, Pinochet-style, to Wall Street money managers to loot as they did in Chile….

The Democrats are not on our side.

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