Why Some People Don’t Trust Doctors

I went to get my annual check-up the other day. The doctor asked me if anything was bothering me. I told her that I feel tired much of the time, even though I get eight hours of sleep every night. She said she thought I might have sleep apnea, so she would refer me to a clinic where I could get tested for that. She then asked me if I had any other problems. I said that my back has been feeling stiff for the past few weeks. She said she would give me something that would help with that. She then went out of the room for several minutes. When she came back she handed me a referral for the clinic. She then handed me a piece of paper with a prescription written on it. She said it was for a muscle relaxant. I was to take a pill twice a day. She then told me that I shouldn’t drive or operate heavy machinery while I was taking this medication, because it will make me drowsy. Now, I had just complained to this doctor about feeling tired, and here she was giving me a prescription for something that will make me drowsy. Metaphorically speaking, this seemed to me like pouring gasoline on a fire. Moreover, I, like most people in this country, don’t live near public transportation, so I pretty much have to drive everywhere. When I protested to her, she merely said I would have to stay home while I was taking it. So, I was supposed to remain at home all day and take naps, just so my back wouldn’t be stiff. I would rather have a stiff back and get things done.

This is an example, I think, of why some people don’t trust doctors. She apparently felt obligated to prescribe me something, even if it was something that I didn’t want or need. I think it is because of this sort of thing that people are attracted to dubious “alternative” medicines and treatments.

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