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Dennis Miller: Human Slime

October 21, 2013


It would be hard to imagine a more repulsive human being than Dennis Miller. For those of you who don’t know who he is, Miller was a popular stand-up comedian and talk show host back in the 1990’s. (Before most of you were born.) His persona was that of a hip, iconoclastic liberal. In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, however, he opportunistically reinvented himself as a right-wing twit, an advocate of racism, militarism, and imperialism. (Miller was like Christopher Hitchens on steroids.) This worked well for Miller for a time, but then the public soured on the Iraq War, and his career went south. He is now condemned to the purgatory of right-wing talk radio. On a recent episode of his talk show, he gave a small business owner some advice on what to do about Obamacare:

    If for your purposes you have to let some people go, kind of get the office wrangle of who’s an Obama supporter, who’s an Affordable Care Act – and do the right thing. You can’t go on seniority anymore, there’s some people who think this is crap. Fire a believer, they’ll understand. Just say “we’re all in this together, this is what you wanted, I have to let you go. But at least you’ll have health care in the single payer.

Miller then offered advice on how a boss should determine his employees’ views on Obamacare:

    Go out, into the parking lot, if somebody has to be cut to 29 hours, if somebody has to be fired, you know how proud they are, the Obama-Biden bumper stickers in their original permutation they’re still on five years down the road. Clock who they are, as you have to fire people, call those people into the office. Not somebody who doesn’t believe in it, that’s been there two days less than them, that’s the past, that’s silly. You’re doing the right thing, you’re not being mean. Look them in the eyes and say, “You know,this is your thing. I can’t afford you anymore. So at least you know I’m doing the right thing.

(It’s perhaps an indication of how out-of-touch Miller is that he doesn’t mention Facebook here.)

Miller calls himself a “libertarian”. Miller apparently thinks that “liberty” means tailoring your beliefs to keep your asshole boss happy.

Libertarianism: A Trojan Horse

December 11, 2012

Timothy P. Carney recetnly wrote in the Washington Examiner regarding the retiring senator, Jim DeMint:

    For libertarians, Christian conservative pro-lifer Jim DeMint was the best thing to come through the Senate in decades. DeMint, quitting early to run the conservative Heritage Foundation, embodied an underappreciated fact of life in Washington: The politicians who most consistently defend economic liberty are the cultural conservatives.

This is further proof of what I’ve always argued: that libertarianism is a Trojan Horse for the far right. Naive young people are attracted to libertarianism because of its position on decriminalizing drugs as well as its opposition to foreign wars. Yet when election time rolls around, libertarians start arguing to support socially conservative, pro-war Republicans. DeMint supported the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of the democratically elected president of Honduras. He wants mandatory prayer in public schools, and he wants to outlaw abortion, including in cases of rape and incest. Yet Carney admires him for his support for “economic liberty”, meaning the right of corporations to screw us over.

Some on the left have been lulled by Ron Paul because of his criticism of U.S. foreign policy, ignoring his history of making racist statements. In his farewell speech to Congress, Paul denounced “pure democracy”, saying that it results in people demanding things from the government. An argument that echoes the racist comments made by Bill O’Reilly after Obama’s re-election.

The pupose of libertarianism is to steer people into the Republican Party. We should have no illusions about this.

Driving a Stake Through Ron Paul’s Heart

August 29, 2012

“Gee, you mean those articles are racist? Gosh, I guess I should read my own newsletter.”

There is one thing I will say for Mitt Romney: any man who disrespects Ron Paul can’t be all bad. Paul is the right-wing libertarian who is mistakenly believed to be “anti-imperialist” by some of the more gullible sections of the left. Romney’s supporters prevented some Maine delegates for Paul from being seated at the Republican National Convention. If you ask me, the fewer Paul supporters there are, the better off we all are. Earlier today, Paul supporters chanted “USA! USA!” while a Puerto Rican woman was trying to speak. Republicans are so classy.

Seventeen delegates from Nevada illegally voted for Paul. I honestly can’t see how anyone from Nevada can be a libertarian. The state’s whole economy is based on government infrastructure. I guess these Nevada libertarians want to shut down Hoover Dam and turn Las Vegas into a ghost town. (Hmm, Las Vegas as a ghost town would be a pretty good roadside attraction. My inner capitalist is intrigued.) Or maybe they want the casinos to each have their own coal-fired power plant.

A number of people have observed that the states that receive the most government largesse are the one where you hear the most violent anti-government rhetoric. I don’t what the psychological reason for this is, but I wish to hell people would cut it out.